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    Billy (Shawn-Caulin Young) is a teenage outcast in search of his life's true meaning. Day by day he slaves away at a local burger joint, only to return home to John, his paraplegic father (James Russo) whose own dreams of happiness have faded away in an alcoholic haze. Nonetheless, Billy tries to bond with his delusional father but cannot break through the many layers of pain and regret that surround him. Frustrated, Billy longs to escape the dead-end existence that has engulfed his father and now appears to be closing in on him as well.

    It's only within the confines of his small bedroom that Billy truly feels alive. With an obsession for the Samurai culture of long ago, Billy closes his eyes allowing his vivid imagination to sweep him into a world of fantasy. Unfortunately, he must awaken to the grim reality he struggles so hard to escape.

    When John opens up to his son about his dark past, Billy hatches a twisted plot to seek revenge on his father’s old enemy. This decision puts Billy face to face with the one thing he has yearned for his entire life…a purpose. However, he soon finds that things aren't what they seem, as his mission for revenge may ultimately become one for his very own survival.



    James Russo



    "Dreams and Shadows" is actor James Russo's 99th film in a career that spans over three decades. A Manhattan-born character player who attended New York University, Russo received his first big break in the film "Fast Times at Ridgemont High". Known for portraying gritty and intense characters, one only needs to be reminded of his sadistically sexual role in "Extremities" on stage and in the film to recall how chillingly effective he can be. Other roles include Kevin Costner's "The Postman", "Open Range" and "Beverly Hills Cop". He’s worked with Johnny Depp on several films including "Donnie Brasco", Roman Polanski's "The Ninth Gate" and "Public Enemies" directed by Michael Mann. His talent is also on display in Quentin Tarantino’s "Django Unchained".



    Shawn-Caulin Young



    Shawn-Caulin Young made his film debut after graduating Magna Cum Laude from The Hartt School at the University of Hartford, where he earned a BFA in Actor Training. Upon moving to NYC in 2004, Young quickly began establishing himself as an up-and-coming character actor in such provocative films as "The Picture of Dorian Gray", directed by Duncan Roy and on television with NBC’s "The Book of Daniel". He received rave reviews for his stage work including his role as troubled misfit in the NY FRINGE Festival favorite “Dear America”, a play in which he was reviewed as being a talent whose "superb acting helps to convey his character’s complex, mixed emotions."- High5tix.org. Shawn-Caulin Young is considered by his peers to be one of the most prolific up-and-coming film stars of today.



    Natalie Garcia Fryman



    Natalie Garcia Fryman, a native Los Angelino, returned to her home town in pursuit of an acting career after graduating from Vassar College in 2003 with a bachelor's degree in Drama. Since then, she's appeared in numerous successful television series including "Lost", "Criminal Minds" and "Hawaii Five-0".



    Londale M. Theus



    Londale M. Theus has performed in theater, film and television. He has held lead roles in variety of plays, most notably "Sacrificing Simone" and "Love in a Day". His television work includes the long running series "General Hospital", "Shark", "How I Meet Your Mother", "HEROES" and "Boston Legal". Londale’s feature film work includes "Airline Disaster", "Biohazard" and "10-20".



    Julie Clark



    Julie Clark is an actor, dancer, and motivational speaker. A graduate from Florida State University, Julie has appeared in an array of theatre and film projects, including independent feature films, television programs, sketch comedy shows and commercials.



    Yoshi Ando



    Born and raised in Tokyo, Yoshi Ando began studying martial arts as a youth in Japan, and continues to train under the intensive tutorship of shinkendo master Obata Toshishiro. He has appeared as the lead in several independent films, as well as Clint Eastwood's Oscar nominated film, "Letters from Iwo Jima." Yoshi has quickly established himself as a promising bicultural actor, able to perform in both Japanese and English language films with equal skill.



    Tamarat Makonnen


    The story “Dreams and Shadows” sprouted from the mind of Tamarat Makonnen and marks his feature film debut. Known for pushing the creative envelope, Tamarat has composed a notable body of work including directing music videos and EPKs (electronic press kit) for a variety of artists including r&b singer/actor Ne-Yo (Battle Los Angeles, Red Tails). His projects have aired on MTV, BET and Muchmusic (Canada), as well as in several prominent news and music publications. Tamarat continues to create images and stories that are vivid, thought provoking and entertaining. His most recent film project "In Search of the Black Knight" is a documentary that takes a humorous look into the complexities of African-American romantic relationships. A native New Yorker, Tamarat currently resides in Los Angeles.